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Foxx Sit-on-top Kayak

The Foxx has the same profiled deck as the Ocky, which means that it will stack with the Ocky, with another Foxx or on top of a Squid, but with an extra 30cm of keel in the water, you will find that the Foxx will run in a straight line easier than the Ocky.

The Foxx is a robust sit-on-top that is 3.0 metres long and at 18kg, is lightweight for easy lifting and carrying.

The extra wide seat takes larger adults in comfort, or allows a small child passenger to sit between your legs. In addition to hand toggles at each end (for easy 2 person carrying), there is a moulded hand hold at the centre for simple 1 person portability. The storage well moulded in at the rear carries your picnic or change of clothes (in a dry bag), and the profile of the deck allows the Foxx to stack on top of one another (or under an Ocky or on top of a Squid) for easier transporting and storage.

The Foxx can be upgraded with a deluxe backrest, and the bars that the backrest attaches to are moulded-in (not riveted or screwed on) for secure attachment.

With all the standard Australis Performance Paddling Features (front-to-rear "rocker", soft chines on the front and hard chines on the rear, a tapered bow and a moulded-in keel), the Foxx is great on flat water or in the surf!!

So if you are looking for a sit-on-top kayak that will paddle like a Squid but stack like an Ocky, then the Foxx is what you are looking for.




1 person sit on top kayak

Number of people

* 1 child

* 1 teenager

* 1 adult

* 1 adult with small child passenger

Made in



Australis Canoes & Kayaks


10 years







Use on

* Surf

* Bays

* Lakes

* Estuaries

* Flat water rivers

Main Features

* Centre carry handle for easy single person carrying.

* Storage well moulded in at the rear.

* Extra wide seat takes larger paddlers in comfort.

* Contoured deck makes the Foxx easy to stack.

* Backrest attachment bars moulded-in for super secure attachment.


* Backrest package.

* Storage pod with push on hatch between knees.


* Backrest.

* Bungy holder to secure luggage in storage well.

Colour Options

Single Colour Options
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Apple Green
Fluoro Green
Mist Green
Multi Colour Fade Options
Orange to Yellow Fade
Red to Yellow Fade
Dark Blue to White Fade
Dark Blue to Light Blue Fade
Teal to White Fade
Apple to Fluoro Green Fade
Light Blue to White Fade
Camouflage Fade
Magenta to White Fade
Red to White Fade
Orange to White Fade
Magenta to Yellow Fade
Teal to Magenta Fade
Magenta to Light Blue Fade
Apple Green to Yellow Fade
Light Blue to Purple Fade


The Foxx comes with a free paddle
$805 including backrest
$805 including pod
$845 including utility box and cargo strap
$875 including backrest and pod
$915 including backrest, utility box and cargo strap
$985 including backrest, pod, utility box and cargo strap
Fishing Packages include a free paddle
$990 including backrest, pod, paddle rope, front bungy, rear cargo strap, 2 x fixed angle rod holders and 1 x adjustable rod holder
$1,100 including backrest, pod, paddle rope, front bungy, rear cargo strap, 2 x fixed angle rod holders, 1 x adjustable rod holder and a utility box

Call today on (02) 9531 7800 to find out what Foxx sit-on-top kayaks we have ready for immediate pick up

Whilst every effort is made to ensure prices listed on this website are accurate, prices are subject to change without notice. Please call us on 02 9531 7800 to confirm the price before placing your order.